(Above is a VIMEO clip of Maya Ganesh’s talk in Eyeo 2013)

Maya Indira Ganesh is a reader, writer, researcher, and activist working at Tactical Technology Collective in Berlin. She is a PhD candidate at Leuphana University, Lüneburg. She works as a feminist activist, and has been writing about and researching gender/sexuality, media, technology and rights, and social justice since the early 2000s.

A topic she is passionate about is Visual Influence. In the video clip that is attached to this post, she talks about Visual Influence and how data and visuals can be artfully used to benefit spreading and progressing social issues.

I admire her work in bringing together two different groups that are not linked together all the time. However, in stressing their advantages she talks about how both groups can benefit from collaborating their strengths together. She is able to do this because of her diverse background in working in both fields actively.

A project she has actively worked in is called Tactical Tech – a non-profit working for the past ten years to help activists worldwide use information more effectively. It made me think about how in the artistic pieces I design in the future, the message behind the art is equally as important as the aesthetic aspect of it.


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