yushano_Looking Outwards 9

Peer: Clair Sun
Peer’s Post: https://courses.ideate.cmu.edu/15-104/f2017/2017/10/01/sijings-lookingoutwards-06/

Artist’s Site: http://color-wander.surge.sh/


Form1 | 2016 | Matt Deslauriers

Form2 | 2016 | Matt Deslauriers

Form4 | 2016 | Matt Deslauriers

Matt Deslauriers is an artist from Toronto, Canada. This is a weekend project for him that shows the generative work of art and javascript. In his websites, the these works are all generated in realtime. The idea like noise and maps are implemented in this project. Basically, Clair introduces his project and talks about her appreciation towards Matt Deslauriers’s artwork which combines randomization, technology and aesthetics. I agree with her opinion that this is an interesting artwork. What’s more, I think this project is more relative to use as programming starters. He shows us his working process in his website; therefore, we can learn from his codes and his design ideas. This artist is really helpful as a learning source for our project. I think if I have seen this post earlier, I am able to do my projects better.

The idea of combining art and coding is not fresh anymore. Therefore, coding becomes a big part in digital art. Deslauriers’s experiments in his projects is worthy for us to learn and experiment by ourself as well.

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