For this Weeks Looking Outwards, I am going to be looking at Scott Snibbe who is an Interactive Media Artist, researcher, and an entrepreneur. He is one of the First who works with projector based interactivity wall.

According to Scott Snibbes Website project ” Cause and Effect ” (2004) records viewers’ movements in silhouette as they simultaneously displace the recordings of previous viewers. When the movies re-play on sliding tiles, only the viewers’ movements are shown, giving a sense of autonomy to actions that were actually determined through interaction with the prior recordings. “Cause and effect” is a common translation for the Buddhist term Karma, which dictates that all human experiences, however minute, are the result of their own prior actions.

Since we have worked with projection and looked at artist that uses silhouette in Children’s museum, I think it was really interesting who originally used this type of method.


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