hyt-Project-09: Pixel Portrait


// helen tsui
// 15-104 section d
// hyt@andrew.cmu.edu
// project-09-Pixel-Portraits

var portrait;

function preload() {
    var portraitURL = "https://i.imgur.com/kQn5qoD.jpg";
    portrait = loadImage(portraitURL);

function setup() {
    // retrieve and load pixels + other properties
    createCanvas(450, 450);
    background(193, 226, 177);

function draw() {
    // initialize dots' location
    var px = random(0, width); 
    var py = random(0, height);

    // retrieve color at specific pixels
    var ix = constrain(floor(px), 0, width-1);
    var iy = constrain(floor(py), 0, height-1);
    var theColorAtLocationXY = portrait.get(ix, iy);

    var brightnessVal = brightness(theColorAtLocationXY);
    var circleSize;

    // set brightness value if statement for drawing lines or circles
    if (brightnessVal > 40) {    
        //var circleSize = random(5, 10);
        line(px - random(0, 10), py - random(-10, 10), px, py);
    } if (brightnessVal <= 40) {
        circleSize = random(5, 15);
        ellipse(px, py, circleSize, circleSize);

For this project, I primarily focused on the relationship between color values and the shape used. When I was looking at the photo, I wanted to pixelate and highlight my face in a more detailed manner, so I decided to illustrate that part with lines; the hair and background part, according to my color meter, were mostly under 40 (brightness) and therefore I set it so that it creates more blurry circles. I think this project was helpful in terms of understanding retrieving the pixels, brightness, as well as pixel location properties better.

The Original Portrait
Progress and finished screenshot
Other Strange Variations (not this project)

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