I was browsing through the Looking Outwards posts for Week 7, because I was interested in learning about other examples of computational information visualization. One really interesting post I found was from my friend Christopher Reyes, which featured a short movie made by Red Bull in collaboration with design firm CLEVER°FRANKE and fashion brand Byborre.

I agree that this kind of constant visual feedback is engaging and effective. I can also see how it can positively influence clubgoers’ experiences, especially with the real-time animations being projected around them in the club. One of the aspects about this that I find notable is the fact that it’s sponsored by Red Bull. More and more big companies are branching out into these new forms of data visualization, and it’s exciting to see how each company is using these forms. Especially in this case, where the data, the clubgoers’ excitement, was being directly influenced by Red Bull’s products. It’ll be interesting to see how companies further manipulate and visualize data to reach broader audiences and achieve better marketing.

Here are videos of the original work:

Red Bull at Night x ByBORRE – The Sixth Sense – Case movie from CLEVER FRANKE on Vimeo.

Red Bull visualizations summary of screencast from CLEVER FRANKE on Vimeo.

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