An interfaith mandala DIMONscape® based on the crucifixion
Roz Dimon
Now that it was brought to my attention, most or all of my looking outwards for the past 10 weeks have been about men creators, so it’s a breath of fresh air to focus on something different. Roz Dimon is a digital artist based in NYC – her work has a very unique style that I like, which is why it drew my eye.
Dimon works in a collage style for a lot of her projects, which result in multilayered images and textures composed in a single image. As a communication designer, I find her work engaging and exciting. One of her most recent works is still on exhibition now until November 18th in Connecticut – the exhibition aims to bring together her works that embody multiculturalism and inter-religious unity. I not only like the pieces in this exhibition (which include the works of several artists, Dimon being one of them), but also the message of highlighting the aspects of humanity that unite us rather than divide us. I’ve included an image of Dimon’s piece that is exhibited. It has the same collage-y feel of her other works, although I wish she didn’t write the words “peace, love, justice”. I just don’t think it’s necessary in the context of the piece.

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