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“We Make the Weather is an interactive breath-controlled installation created for New Cinema program hosted by Eyebeam and The Creator’s Project. Inspired by Hurricane Sandy, it uses seam carving, breath detection, motion capture, and the Unity game engine to explore the human impact on the environment”.
Karolina Sobecka is one of the main designers in this project. This project is teamed up by filmmakers, creative coders, artists, designers and motion graphics specialists to investigate the future of cinematic storytelling in the New Cinema hackathon. In We Make The Weather, the viewer wears a headset with a microphone sensor that monitors his or her breath and tracks its ebb and flow, and level of intensity, then uses this information to controls a virtual figure crossing a never-ending bridge, powering the visuals and sound within the 3D animated landscape.
I think this project is really amazing because it combines narrative and interactive themes together. It blends their idea that human beings are actually influencing and changing the environment no matter what you are doing, even breathing, into the movie-like scene. This project puts audience into a movie scene and let the audience feel and sense the effects that they can impose to the environment. The project idea is really amazing and meaningful. Also, the technology that they use are very broad. They use 3D animation tool, virtual reality technologies and so on to create the interactive scene. Such installation with both narrative and interactive theme should be more widely spread.

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