A very interesting new instrument that is generated computationally is called the dub-step board. This is a board with buttons that light up that are placed in rows and columns. Each button is linked to a different sound, song, or beat that is pre-programed with computer software. As a result of its preprogramed nature, it is an instrument of infinite possibilities that can feature live and unique performances. Many of the videos and performances done utilizing this board mix different songs and beats together to make a piece of music.

I really admire the versatility of the board and how user friendly it is. Many of the antiquated instruments that are in the standard orchestra only have specific pitches for strings and can only perform a specific group of sounds (such as the sound of a piano). The dub-step board allows the performer to play different sounds from diverse instruments and even do a drum beat at the same time all in the reach of one’s two hands. As it is personable, one can program a certain group of pitches in the reach of their own hand, as each individual has different sized hands. One of the many challenges standard orchestral instrumentalist’s face is the ability to reach the notes with their own hand, especially for those who have smaller hands that play larger instruments (such as the double bass or piano). Although the dub-step board will probably never solo with the Berlin Philharmonic, it is definitely an innovative devise that combines both music and technology into a user friendly instrument.

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