Jihee Kim_SectionD_Project-12-Proposal

Project Name — Subject to Change: The Snowman
Project Partner: Daniel Noh (dnoh– section D)

sketch of project

For our project we intend to make a vertical “shooter” game (more emphasis on dodging). The plot of the game is a snowman who does not want to die and tries to avoid the snow which will, obviously, make it bigger and eventually cause him to explode… The snowman can dodge the snow that is coming down to hit him, however, he has a special move where he can throw his nose (a carrot) to hit the snow every 10 (also subject to change) seconds. The game will have a gauge that will show the carrot loading back and a counter at the bottom of the canvas that shows the number of snowballs that have hit the snowman. At the end of each level (every 30 seconds), the snow will fall faster… there will be 10 levels. Also, whenever the snowballs hit the snowman, something ominous in the background will happen (i.e. an avalanche goes off in the mountain in the background). After 10 snowballs hit the snowman, the snowman will explode and a game over screen, the level you have reached, and a sign that tells you how to replay the game will show.

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