I will start with Deemo, a game where I got inspiration for the final project from. This game is done by Rayark. This music game allows user to play the correct nodes that correspond with the background music. What I really admire about the project is that it creates a background story for players. The player play the game to help a tree grow, and the growth of the tree helps a little girl in the game. The visual effect and music choice are all great.  I attached an video below demonstrating this game. However, I think the game has one weakness. It might be better if the player were able to do more actions rather than simply pressing the screen at the correct time.

To explore more possible interaction with simple geometries, I looked at project Three Drops by Scott Snibbe. This interactive exhibition allows people to interactive with virtual water in three different ways: showering, stopping water drops from reaching the ground, and attracting water molecules. Even a simple element, water, can exist in many phases. In my project, I will try to incorporate more ways to interactive with the computer program.

Deemo by Rayark

Three Drops by Scott Snibbe. Read more here.


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