In my artistic practice, I’m excited by the the concept of discovery through the visualization of the self, through both visual and sonic means. I was very inspired by Golan Levin’s, “Messa di Voce” part 4, where moving bodies detected by computer vision leave dynamic computational “auras” that disperse across the screen.

“Messa Di Voce” by Golan Levin

For my final project, I propose a program that manipulates a particle system with features of the voice. I am thinking about creating a landscape of trees, flowers and animals based generated by a singing to it. Trees and flowers could be generated using an l-system growth pattern that responds to the volume or frequency of input sound.

Or, it could be a bit more abstract and simply contain particles that are displaced and moved based on frequency and volume of the voice. That system could act more like a flock of birds, using encoded Boid behaviors.

Boid Simulation Tutorial

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