Workers That Live In The Mirrors by Dave Colangelo

This is a architectural projection which is located in United Steelworkers Hall. Toronto, Canada. The artist created this project based on his belief in public art being interactive with viewers.

we want public art that can talk and listen, public art that we can click on, swipe, share, capture, and converse with and about. Public art that tell us something about the place it is in, about ourselves and others as we engage with it, and that connects us to other people and times, both near and far.” – Dave Colangelo

This art project can interact with people by introducing multiple, projection-mapped scenes of work and resistance in contemporary economies. It created connection between people by giving them a platform to share their thoughts and everyday life. It was a successful project that illustrates the situation of our society through series of projection. Also, the artist chose a red-brick masonry wall of “steelworkers” building for the projection instead of white wall inside of exhibition hall. To me, it successfully drew intention from pedestrians walking by the street and it effectively depict his belief in art being engaging and interactive to public .

However,it could be more effective if it can be responsive to reaction of the viewers. Perhaps, images in projection change based on various social data we put in or the projection has sensor that detects physical reaction of people and responds to it visually.


Workers that Live in the Mirrors