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Sarah William is a current assistant professor of Urban planning as well as a director of the Civic Data Design Lab at MIT’s School of Architecture and planning. The Civic Data Design Lab at MIT utilizes data visualization and mapping techniques to analyze and visualize patterns at an urban scale and also allows different audience members to be able to understand the data and communicates the policies issues from the data. Digital Matatus is a project that I really liked, since it has such a simple design and yet so effectively conveys so much information.Below you can find a link to the works.
Link to her work
Something very interesting about the work she does is that she utilizes a lot of real life and real time data to create these very informative visuals. She believes that data is very essential and very important aspect of life. She believes that data could be used for both good and bad. She believes that it is how we use data which is what makes data truly powerful and impactful.

Screenshot of her work, Digital Matatus

Her presentation has a lot of logical flow to it, where she first explains the important concepts that enable her work, then explaining what some applications of those concepts. Finally establishing a baseline of what basic understanding of concepts, she explains her own project which at that point everyone will have clear understanding of. Below is a link to their presentation.

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