The project that my peer and I have chosen to talk about is the Hexagonal Generative Game of Life by Charlotte Dann.

A still of an iteration of the animation

I think the cited project is definitely one of the more interesting and mesmerizing generative art project that I have seen. I could just picture myself staring at the animation due to how much variation there is and how smooth and organic the movement is. I completely agree with my peer’s assessment and I think my peer’s assessment gives a very good and summative explanation of the project, and also explains very clearly what she thought was impressive about the project. I think Charlotte, the creator of this project is very honest on her progress, and explained what worked and what didn’t. I especially how she explain a very simple algorithm, where the “ant” just decides on one of two direction, could create such interesting and intricate systems and diagrams. Below is the link to her entire project and my peers evaluation.
Some of her initial drawings and ideas

Link to project
Link to Peer Evaluation

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