akluk – Section A – Looking outwards-11

For week 11’s Looking Outwards, I have decided to write about “If vi was ix” by TRUMPIN or Gerhard Trimpin.

I have written about a project of his in a previous looking outwards. In this project, he created a sound sculpture as the center piece of the Seattle’s Experience Music Project. It is basically a 50 ft sculpture with seven hundred acoustic and electric guitars. He also programmed the guitars to play music from all different kinds of genre from Scottish ballads to punk rock. He also wrote it so that the guitar could tune itself to make sure that it is in tune and in sync. It is also called the guitar tornado because it resembles the shape of a tornado. It doesn’t describe specifically what algorithms are used to create the program that plays different genres of music. What TRUMPIN always seems to do with his work is not only involve music or sound, but also incorporate a very unique visual aesthetic. Attached below is the link to the piece of work.


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