Potential logo animations

For my final project, I drew inspiration from motion graphic designers and my personal interest in graphic design. As an aspiring graphic designer, I have always been fascinated by moving logos. They are extremely attention-grabbing on the home page of a webpage. I want to create and design a looping animation /interactive logo. I think that I may even think about using the turtle for my animation??? I am not 100% set on my design but I plan on designing something with my initials, AC. Hopefully, I will be able to use this logo in my portfolio website!

Project 12: Final Project Proposal

To get inspiration, I looked at the flood map for 2015, and was immediately shown areas of China. I saw Shanghai, and decided to look up landmarks in that area. A great one was the Nanjing Road, a very colorfully lit street. After looking at the Patatap video by Jono Brandel, I decided to do a project changing on a beat. It would start out with a hard coded version of the landmark, then on each beat it would change, showing the water level rising and landmark degrading and losing its beauty.  The lights will all be grey/off, the ground not visible. I may or may not use multiple landmarks. Most likely I will. I want to have these landmarks be from around the world, basically showing how this affects many people and many different types of countries/states/areas. Other places threatened by flooding are Florida, parts of Vietnam, parts of Thailand, parts of Bangladesh, parts of Iraq, etc…

  1. I don’t really know anyone in the class so I probably wont be collaborating.
Rough Draft of Project
Nanjing Road, China
Miami Beach, Florida

Rachel Shin – Project 12 Proposal

For my project, I wanted to create an interactive game that combined the suggested prompt– climate crisis and my own personal favorite childhood game Pokemon. I will be incorporating multiple elements that I’ve learned throughout the course. The game I will be coding allows players to use the Pokemon character Squirtle to extinguish the fires. As someone from California, I’ve been very concerned with the number of fires that have been occurring and the impact the fires have been having on the air that my family breathes back home. The fires will pop up at a random position on the screen while the player can use Squirtle’s water gun attack to extinguish the fire. The game will also feature a score tracker at the screen of a corner to keep track of the number of fires the player’s Squirtle has extinguished. I will also attempt to include the sound feature as Squirtle extinguishes each fire. For graphics, I will be creating an animated landscape accompanied by sprites of Squirtle online. 

Project 12 Sketch

Margot Gersing – Final Project Proposal

For my final project I want to create an interactive scene or compostion that the user can use to reveal things. I really want to incorporate the alphabet into the ‘environment’. I imagine this could act as a teaching tool that kids could play with and potentially help learn the alphabet.

basic sketch of the interactive composition

In order to interact with the environment the mouse would the catalyst for things to happen (using a mouseX() and mouseY() a lot). I also want the environment to be very graphic and abstract. I don’t want to create a literal scene but more of a interactive composition.

I hope to incorporate simple animation for the scene and the different interactions like the revealing and how the letters move. Also I want there to be very simple sound, like when events occur (revealing letters) and maybe some basic ambient noise.

I am really inspired by Paul Rand and his playful simple imagery. I also feel like this visual style will lend itself well to my goal and p5.js.

Inspiration Imagery by Paul Rand

Inspiration Imagery by Paul Rand
Inspiration Imagery by Paul Rand

Raymond Pai – Project-12-Proposal

Image result for plant brush tilt

For my final project, I would like to create a growing-plant drawing experience. It should predict the user’s next steps using their previous steps and randomly and gradually grow plant parts out of their strokes. It should also use inputs from the environment such as sound and light to change the ‘mood’ of the drawing. If possible, I want the drawing to appear three-dimensional. To push this further, I want the stroke to draw based on how the user moves their hand in front of the computer camera. For example, a simple finger-pointed movement in front of the camera would create a stroke, which the software would slowly ‘grow’ the branches and flowers from the stroke the user drew:

Kristine Kim & Min ji Kim Kim – Project 12-Proposal

For the final project, I am collaborating with Min Ji Kim Kim from Section A. Because this is our final project, we wanted to create something that was meaningful for both of us. We decided to create something related to Christinianity since it is an important part of our identities.

Our project is essentially an interactive “storybook”. We will choose 2-3 stories from the Bible and create interactive “pathways” that tell that Bible story. The user will be able to select which story they wanna play/learn about.

There will be a character on the screen that the user will be able to move using the arrow keys. As the character moves along the pathway, there will be objects appearing in the pathway and the background that the user can click on. These objects will either create a special effect on the environment or create a text box with the plot. The user will go through the rest of the pathway and once they reach the end, they will have finished that Bible story. We wanted to make it interactive and fun so that children can enjoy learning about the Bible. 

Read Min Ji’s post for more details.

Also, our inspirations are included in my Looking Outwards 12 .

Outline and plan for our final project
continuation of plan / diagram of our project.

Min Ji Kim Kim & Kristine Kim – Project Proposal

Read Kristine’s post before proceeding, as this will discuss our project in more detail. 

We thought it would be easier to walk through one of the scenarios we wanted to develop in order to explain how this project will work. One of the stories will be about how Jesus fed 5000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves. The character would start on the left side of the canvas and the user would move it along the path using the arrow keys. Along the path, they would collect 2 fish and 5 breads. Then halfway, they would meet Jesus who they can click on, making Him say something in a text box. Then, you would click on Him again and there would be an animation in which randomized bread and fish would appear in the canvas. The user would then move along the path and reach the end of the path at the right side of the canvas.

In a similar manner we will generate one or two more stories the user can choose from. We will also add more objects and add more speech to make it interactive and tell the Bible story. 

I got inspiration from my Looking Outward post 12.

One of the pathways walking the user through the Bible story.

Beginning screen and one of the stories.

Shannon Ha – Project 12 – Proposal

For my final project, I want to do something with sounds, more specifically, iconic sounds that we are accustomed to hearing through our daily usage of technology (think Apple startup sound, Intel sound, Netflix sound, Wii sound etc.). I want to create some sort of sound remix game that allows players to randomly press on keys to play the iconic sounds while some sort of interactive graphic related to the company that owns the sound will be displayed (kind of like Patatap). Another idea I have is to make a sound matching game where players have to match trimmings of iconic sounds to each brand/company that it is associated with by clicking on keys that will be linked to each brand/company. I don’t actually know if I am allowed to use these sounds (if there are copyright issues or not), so my final project will very much depend of which of these sounds I will be able to find free sourcing for.

Lauren Park – Project 12 – Proposal

For the final project, I wanted to find a way to somewhat visually create the mood or vibe of a moody love song I have been listening repeatedly recently. I plan to upload the sound file of this song and illustrate visuals such as abstract patterns/shapes that will move or change as this song plays throughout. There will also be a black heart that will beat according to the beat of the song by playing around with the amplifications of the sound. These objects will revolve around an illustration of a character, that represents me. Some of the objects like the lines in the background and the drips from the black heart will move as time passes. The overall visuals of this whole image is inspired by multiple different album covers of several songs that give off similar vibes. I wanted to incorporate similar shapes and forms I noticed from these albums into this project.

SooA Kim: Project – 12 – Proposal

For my final project, I would like to create a particle effect animations using sprite textures that react to green color pixels in a live capture device. (i.e. webcam) Anything that is green from the webcam screen will be covered with smoke particles. This work is based on daily basis of environmental concern of air pollution that is slowly becoming more vicious, affecting across the world. I want to convey a message, or give full conscious, to the user what happens when there is no green in what you see (from the screen), but full of smoke that can be signified as smog or just the fall of climate change. If smoke effect animations doesn’t work using sprite textures and particles with live webcam, I will try to replace it with some other animation content. 

before and after : Using live capture camera input and particle sprite animations replacing the greens..(trees, green plant..or green screens)


i.e. sprite textures that I’m planning to use