ikrsek-Looking Outwards-05

This week for the topic of Computer Graphics, one of the most compelling artists that utilizes CG for their work would be Hayden Zezula. He works primarily as an animator doing designs and such for brands like Adidas, HBO, or Adultswim – and mucho of his portfolio work comes in the form of gifs or video. Overall, the reason why I chose him is because of his experimentation with representing texture and form in a 3D style on a 2d screen. His work is extremely visually captivating, both because of the bizarre content that is displayed and the sheer technical ability he diplays. There is not a lot to be said for his work that isn’t said by the work itself, and unfortunately I can only post photos of it since gifs don’t seem to play when you post them here, so here are a few screenshots – though I highly recommend you visit his website or instagram and view the work as it is meant to be seen.








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