Project-09 Portrait

sub portrait

//Yoonseo(Dave) Choi
//Section B
//Project 09

var portrait; // global variable for the image
var px = []; // array for storing previous x value
var py = []; // array for storing previous y value
var pp = []; //array for storing previous pixel 

function setup() {
    createCanvas(275,480); //canvas size
    background(0); //set background 0

function preload(){
    portrait = loadImage(""); //load image from the asset folder
function draw() {
var x = floor(random(portrait.width)); // create x point in random place of image
var y = floor(random(portrait.height)); //create y point in random place of image
var pix = portrait.get(x,y); //get color of image at x,y coordinate
pp.push(pix); //push the color into the array
noStroke(); //no stroke
px.push(x); //append the x coordinate to the array
py.push(y); //append the y coordinate to the array 

for(var i = 0; i < px.length; i ++){
    strokeWeight(0.5); // stroke weight of 0.5
    stroke(pp[i],1); //create stroke color to be color of x,y location. 
    line(px[i],py[i],px[i-1],py[i-1]); //create line between previous x,y and current x,y

For this project, I have used my brother’s photo for the portrait to use. I wanted to see what are ways to draw a portrait without illustrating direct same image at the location, but rather something that connects with previous point with current. For this project, I have made code to create random lines using randomly generated points. x and y coordinates are randomly generated and lines are created based on current points and previous points with color of the the pixel at the current x and y. By having code to do such a motion allows the portrait to be abstract image of color but end product shows the resemblance of the original image

left is original and right is portrait

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