Krib – PlotterTwitter

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of different variations of the plotter drawings in this feed. From different materials to different aesthetics, it answered some of the questions I had of the limitations I thought I would have would this technique. I was particularly interested in the ones with multiple layers with colors because it feels as if they have more depth (content and visual-wise) and it just amazed me when I was reminded that they were generated by a machine. But even out of all those satisfying and “prettier” designs, this project stood out to me the most:

At first, I was intrigued by its’ photographic, hyper-realistic design, like the drawing on the right bottom corner looked like a picture of mars but when I clicked on it, it was actually like this:   That honestly blew my mind because I really didn’t expect anything like that but I loved the combination of both fine lines and more doodle-like lines in creating this project.

Krib – Drawing Machines

Drawing machine that is not useful.

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Iteration #1

Iteration #2

Iteration #3