#8: Mid-Semester Project

Offerings for this prompt should be completed by the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 20. That day, we will have a presentation of your mid-semester projects, featuring the participation of three guest critics: 

Our class will also have a public hallway exhibit from November 3-9 on the 3rd floor of CFA; your mid-semester projects (and/or other works in this course) will be featured.

Mid-Semester Project

Revise one of your previous projects. For example, you might revise your software; you might work to create a high-quality plot; or both.

In a blog post, document your project nicely. Include text which re-introduces your project — don’t assume that the reader is already familiar with it. Also include text which discusses your process: how you developed the project, and how you iterated on it. Expect to write 150-200 words, please. Include diagrams, sketches, and good photographs of the project at various stages.

Title your project Nickname-MidSemester and Categorize it, 08-MidSemester.