keuchuka – project 12 – proposal

For the final project, I want to create something that involves both generative and interactive components. I’m interested in creating generative motion graphics that involve typography, fill, and some 3D component. It will be generative either based on a set of data consisting of words (like a wikipedia page). It will also be dependent on also the mouse activity laid on the canvas. The shapes and lines will change according to interactivity, but type depends on the data fed in. The text interacts with the 3D shape by going around and behind it as well. I will be reading up on 3D super shapes and Dan Shiffman’s tutorials on them. Hopefully the type and the the shapes create a sense of aesthetically pleasant landscape that represents a set of data. I’m trying to create a piece of generative art that is not obviously showing a set of data, but looks like compositional, time based, motion graphics.

above is an image of a potential landscape composition

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