aahdee – ProjectProposal

For my final project, I’d like to explore how machines can manipulate the medium itself. So far, we’ve explored how machines can use a medium to produce a drawing on another medium. This includes using the Axidraw to wield a pen or marker that draws on paper. In the latter half of the semester, I want to experiment with what a machine can do to modify paper or other materials. Technically, I would be drawing with a machine onto the chosen medium, but the end goal here is to change the shape and structure of the medium with the help of that drawing.

Golan introduced me to Erik Demaine, a computer scientist who researched computational origami. He has created many sculptures of folded paper creased with curves.

This is done by using a low power laser cutter to slightly score the paper. The paper is then folded on those scores. This is the only way to produce those results.

I’d like to start experimented with that, starting with pleated paper. Ingenia - Applied origami

Id like to incorporate pleating and drawing with axidraws. By next week Monday, I’ll have a pleated paper sample. By Wednesday I’ll have a sample of pleated paper with axidraw plots on it.