For my final project, I would like to create an interactive viola that allows the user to play the viola digitally. The instrument will be controlled by either the mouse or the keypad, depending on which would make the instrument easier to play and more intuitive for the user.

A Sketch of the Viola User Interface

As a viola performance major, I have pondered how great it would be if I did not have to lug my instrument around or go walk the way to CFA to practice. The solution would be to create a computer program that would allow me to practice in the comfort of my own home without carrying my instrument around. The interface would include a digital depiction of a viola that would show the four strings to the user. Then, when a note is played, the location of that note will change color or “light up” to have a visual representation of where the note would be played on an actual viola.

merlebac Proposal

A sketch of what my project might look like.

Trigger Warning: this post contains a violent and graphic image.

For my final project, I would like to do an interactive mural of the Rwandan Genocide. It would by a 400 by 800 canvas split into two sections. The bottom section would be an image of Bill Clinton with one of his statements on the Rwandan Genocide. If you clicked on the image it would play a recording of that statement. The upper half of the canvas would be a bit more complicated. It would contain a checkerboard pattern of images of the genocide, and names of the survivors. If one of the images was clicked on it would enlarge to encompass the entire upper half of the canvas. If you clicked on the name of a survivor, it would play a recording of their experience. The main message would be to show that the genocide was an immense atrocity, and it went mostly ignored by the Clinton administration. Completing this would be a challenge, but I don’t think it would be impossible. The biggest obstacle that stands in my way would likely be the amount of images and audio files that I would need to store in preload.

Image result for rwandan genocide
An image I would possibly use for the upper half of the canvas.

The Story of Hilaire: a Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide


For my final project I want to make a particle grid that is randomly connected by lines that the user can break. In my imagination it looks something like a web between the particle dots and when the user scrolls over the connectors, they break.

Here is some of my inspiration:

I aso want to incorporate sound into my project. Right now I’m thinking maybe if you were to press a key that a sound would go off and the dots would either grow or shrink.

There are a few things I need to iron out while making this. I think it will be a good chance to really dive into for loops and randomness. I am very unsure how i will be able to create lines going from some particles to other particles in a for loop.

Finally color will be used so that the feeling the user gets when “playing” with this program is calmness.


Updated Project Proposal

For my final project, I am carrying out an individual project of a simple game inspired by the app, Tower Stack. Instead of a swaying crane, my game will utilize horizontal movement with varying speeds for my refreshing/’feeding’ building block. Players can use mouse click to release the building block, stacking them as tall as possible. The stacked tower also moves down and out of the canvas by the second, creating some time pressure on the player to stack blocks efficiently.

Sketches of Game

Project Proposal
For our final project, we were inspired by simple graphical illustrations of everyday moments – specifically in food handling activities. We want to create clickable interactions that prompt user input. For example, a scene may be pancake making, and the user would have to consider an image of its ‘ideal state’ in the top left corner while considering the timer on the screen, in determining when is the best time to flip the pancake. These interactions hope to create simple, satisfying moments for users when they are able to achieve its ideal scenario. These interactions will also mostly surround kitchen activities from pouring the perfect amount of coffee, baking a cake, etc.

Proposed Collaborator
Alvin Luk (akluk)

Sketches & Inspiration


svitoora – Proposal

I am interested in learning how to implement the genetic algorithm from Dan Shiftman’s The Nature of Code. Artistically, I am inspired by nature and I try to mimic it with technology. I’ve modeled a recursive L-system, gravity/entropy, and a basic swarm behavior. Now I want to model a living and evolving system. I plan on working on this over Thanksgiving break, so it’s a highly feasible project. Aesthetically, it’ll look similar to my turtle project which I went back and modified. The difference is that somehow there should be an evolutionary component incorporated. All of the renderings of the project will be done in simple geometric forms whereby it’ll look similar to a particle system because I am inspired by cells. I’m not 100% sure where this will take me, but one concrete thing is that I will be learning how to model evolution and there’ll be a lot of class and object-based behaviors.

My swarm behavior sketch inspired by a petri dish.
My Entropy/Gravity sketch.

jiaxinw-project 12-Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I am going to cooperate with my classmate Nayeon Kim. We are going to create a media art interactive installation, using projection and Makey Makeys. Makey Makeys will be used as input devices, and the projection will project the content created by P5.js. For this media art installation, we are going to create a serious of music visualization animations responding to the input signals from Makey Makeys. The animations will change along with the melody when people interact with the input devices. At the beginning of this installation, there will be a basic melody for people to follow. When people try to use the Makey Makey, they can add new melodies to the existed music,  also change the animations displaying on the projection screen.

Sketch for the final project

sntong-Project 12: Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I decided to take a launch pad idea and apply it to the keyboard and linking movements and visual representation to the sound and key when pressed. I plan to have a general beat looping in the background, which hopefully the users on the page have the option to toggle between a couple of them, and keying sounds to specific keyboard buttons. The visual response for each key would be inspired by its corresponding sound. I also plan to implement an abstracted terrain of “asteroids” that will be flying pass the Canvas.

Quick sketch of visual elements and initial ideas

ashleyc1-Section C-Final-Project-Proposal

Very basic sketch

For my final project I want to explore the relationship between typography and animation. I want to create an interactive, animated text so that the movement reflects the word. I noticed that p5 has reference functions to allow local servers to be hosted on one’s phone: allowing the phone to essentially be a controller. This project will probably include animated illustrations but I want to push myself to animate just text so that they move in a way that’s still communicative without outside images. I’m not sure how many different text animations I should have but ideally, they would be cycling through an array the more the participant interacted with it.


Example of a recursive loading icon, posted by /u/Caybris on Reddit.

For my final project, I’d like to create a series of recursively-generated loading icons, following multiple stylistic variations. This is in-line with an exploration of communications design variables–specifically, how color and images can be used in a moving picture to engage and hold a viewer’s attention. This is important in liminal spaces such as loading screens, where visitors to a website or video need some visual component to tell them that progress is being made. A visually-engaging loading icon, like the above, would make the interstitial space between pages seem shorter.

In doing this, I’d like to explore different illustration methods–from existing on the three-dimensional plane to using p5js physics– that can be translated efficiently to Processing.



atraylor – Project Proposal – Section B

For my final project I want to make an interactive scene that isn’t exactly a game nor fully an animation. There will be a starting scene and by clicking on things in the scene it will change and trigger animation and sound. I’m also going to have these scenes be triggered by time as well. This way, user control is ambiguous. After each animation, the project will revert to the start scene.

I haven’t fully decided on the visuals, but I’m leaning towards using png files and creating a collage, rather than using p5 primitives to build imagery.

Through this project, I’m going to explore a simple narrative or premise through the use of imagery, sound, and interaction.