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  • Discussion of Preliminary Project 2 Ideas

Lectures on Capture in Time

The following documents present a variety of time-based techniques for seeing subjects in new ways. Some of these techniques (such as long exposure, time lapse, and backwards playback) are as old as cinema itself.

Homework (due by Tuesday 3/17)

  1. Select individual Skype meeting sessions for 3/17 and 3/19, using this spreadsheet. THESE HAVE BEEN POSTPONED.
  2. Watch this video lecture about photography and information visualization by Nick Felton.
  3. Scan through the lecture pages linked above. Consider the capture methods presented in these lectures, as well as Felton’s video. In a blog post, speculate about a possible new subject to which one of these methods could be applied. (For example: “I was inspired by the time lapse studies of traffic, birds, and fireflies; I thought it would be interesting to apply this technique to ants.”) In your blog post,
    • Answer the questions: Why would the method you chose be interesting to apply to that new subject? What might it reveal?
    • Include a quick sketch depicting your concept.
    • Categorize your blog post with the WordPress Category, TemporalCaptureIdea.

Please note: this homework is purely for the purpose of stimulating your thinking. There is no necessary connection to Project 2.