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This piece really caught my attention due to its simplicity. I think some of the other pieces do look better, but I feel like this piece is something I could have realistically made if I had thought of the idea. It puts art like this so much more within reach.


I really enjoyed this piece, as well as many similar pieces made by Suen due to her not attempting to make her gifs entirely smooth and instead leaning into the shifting shapes that originated in stop motion and other old forms of animation. I like this piece in particular due to the way different features turn into one another. The arms turn into ears, and the unhappy cube turns into a happy blob.



I found this piece to be more frustrating that satisfying as it doesn’t follow my expectations. I thought that the ring would switch which track it was taking each time, to maintain symmetry as these pieces tend to do. Instead, it only goes to the right one in every four times, so when it does go right it is very satisfying  but otherwise is super frustrating.


The piece that I selected is The Event of a Thread by Ann Hamilton. I enjoy that there is more than one way to interact with this piece, and multiple dimensions within each manner of interaction. You can choose to just sit on one of the swings, or move around on one, alternatively you can sit under the curtain and watch is shift above you, and as a third option, you can take a view from further back and watch the overall shifting of the piece and how it relates to the motion of the people on the swings. This is what I feel like interactive pieces should be all about. You should be able to see how external stimulus affects the piece as this works as an implicit user’s manual that allows people who interact with the piece to manipulate it in the ways that they would like to. Without that aspect, the piece may as well be moving without any input as the point of interactivity is to be able to see what effects your input has upon the piece. The Event of a Thread captures this perfectly as you can trace any one of the swings to its terminus at the curtain and see how the motion of the swing effects the curtain locally.

This piece takes up a total of 55,000 square feet between the curtain and the swings!


Ann Hamilton · the event of a thread