#1: Gauntlet (Code & Form)

The first set of Deliverables has five parts, which are due in stages over the next three class sessions:

  • Exit Ticket for 1/19 and Labor Contract Survey (Due Friday, 1/19)
  • Looking Outwards #01 (Due 9am Monday, 1/24)
  • Deliverables 1A (Due 9am Monday, 1/24)
  • Deliverables 1B (Due 9am Wednesday, 1/26)
  • Deliverables 1C (Due 9am Monday, 1/31)

Please note the following:

  • The Looking Outwards assignment is published on this blog, while your p5.js exercises should be completed in our private OpenProcessing class site. (Later in the semester, we’ll publish assignments at the official p5 Editor.)
  • The purpose of these exercises is to ensure that you have basic fluency in introductory-level programming, and to ensure your familiarity with the p5.js creative coding toolkit.
  • We’re using the COVID isolation period before February as a kind of intensive skill-building “boot camp”. The pace and character of the work in this course will change significantly after February 1st. Based on this foundation of skill, the projects will become much more open-ended (i.e. creative), and the pace will (actually) slow down.
  • This is the hardest part of the semester 🙂

Looking Outwards #01 (Due 9am Monday, 1/24)

Topic: A Technological Artwork or Designwork that has Inspired You.

This deliverable is your first Looking Outwards report. (As a reminder about what a “Looking Outwards” report means, refer to this document.) I thought it would be ideal, at this early stage, if you could briefly share a project that uses code, and which speaks to you.

Think about an interactive and/or computational project (from anywhere, by anyone except yourself) that you knew about before starting this course, and which you find intriguing or inspirational. It should be something that someone made with code—at least in part. Now:

  • Create a blog post on this WordPress website.
  • Title your blog post nickname-LookingOutwards01, where nickname is your username on this site
  • Categorize your blog post LookingOutwards01.
  • Write ~100-200 words about the project. What do you admire about it, and why do you admire these aspects of it?
  • Please research and report about additional questions, such as: Roughly how many people were involved in making it, and how did they organize themselves to achieve it? (Any idea how long it took them to create it?) To the best of your knowledge, did creating this project require the development of custom software/scripts, or did the authors create the project using “off-the-shelf” (commercial) software? Or some combination of these approaches? What prior works might the project’s creators have been inspired by? To what opportunities or futures does the project point, if any?
  • Link (if possible) to the artwork, remembering to list the full author and title.
  • Embed an image of the project.
  • Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video of the project (if available).

This first Looking Outwards is unusual, in that you are asked to report on something you already know about. The remaining LO’s this semester will ask you to report on projects that are as yet unknown to you.

Deliverables 1A (Due 9am Monday, 1/24)

At our OpenProcessing class page, complete the following 10 exercises before 9am Monday.

Before beginning the work below, spend 10 minutes browsing the p5.js Reference and Examples. If you need help getting started with p5.js, consider browsing this Coding Train playlist of tutorials. If you’re stuck, give a shout in the #haaaalp channel in the course Discord.

  1. Graphic Elements: One With Everything
  2. Graphic Elements: Coding Mehretu
  3. Iteration: String Art Challenge
  4. Iteration & Conditional Testing: Mini-Calendar
  5. Iteration & Interaction: Dashed Line
  6. Nested Iteration & Randomness: Grid, Interrupted
  7. Iteration & Graphics Transforms: Moiré Pattern
  8. Transformations + Functional Abstraction: Critter Stamps
  9. Iteration & Randomness: Hitomezashi Sashiko Stitching
  10. Recoding Schotter (Nees, 1968)

Deliverables 1B (Due 9am Wednesday, 1/26)

Part 1B Exercises are due this Wednesday, 1/26 at 9:00am.

  • 11. Generative Trigonometry: Random Splat
  • 12. Generating Geometry: Spiral
  • 13. Grid, Interrupted, with Simple Interaction
  • 14. Interaction and Geometry: Eye(s) Following Cursor
  • 15. Making a Timer: Fuse (or Progress Bar)
  • 16. Using Arrays: Living Line
  • 17. Array + Search: Longest Line Segment
  • 18. Array of Animating Objects: Ripples
  • 19. 1D Perlin Noise: Mountains

Deliverables 1C (Due 9am Monday, 1/31)

Part 1C Exercises are due Monday, 1/31 at 9:00am.

  • 20. 2D Perlin Noise: Imaginary Islands
  • 21. Arrays, Geometry, Interaction: Line Intersections
  • 22. Recoding “Interruptions” (Vera Molnár, 1968-69)