#8: Open Studio

Self-Directed Final Project

The last project will be a small, self-directed final project in interactive and/or computational media. To keep you on track, you are asked to hew to the following deadlines, each of which requires a blog post on this site, as described below.

  • April 6 (Wednesday): Phase I: Topic Identification
  • April 13 (Wednesday): Phase II: Background Research
  • April 20 (Wednesday): Phase III: Prototype
  • April 27 (Wednesday): Phase IV: Presentation
  • May 4 (Wednesday): Phase V: Final Documentation

Phase I: Topic Identification • Due 4/6

Identify a small project you would like to pursue that creatively explores interactivity, computation, and/or new media. Please complete this quick survey to convey your plans in a nutshell.

For the beginning of class on Wednesday 4/6: In a blog post, write a few sentences about your concept, goal, or question. (If you have several different things you’re interested in, write down up to three). For your concept(s), include a sketch image. Categorize your post with 08-FinalPhase1. We will discuss your concept(s) in small groups.

Here are some possible pathways. This is not an exhaustive list.


    • You could revisit and revise a previous project.
    • Create an interactive drawing tool that allows people to draw in a new way.
    • Create a “data self-portrait”, visualizing a source or collection of your own data.
    • Make a synesthetic audiovisual instrument that connects sound and image.
    • Create an algorithmic or parametric typeface.
    • Make a one-button game.


    • Learn to make an immersive environment in Unity, by following the tutorials here, here, here, here. For example, you could make an interactive walkabout.
    • Learn to program shaders in GLSL, using tools like ShaderToy, ShaderBooth, ShaderPark, etc. For example, you could make a daily shader.
    • Train a GAN using RunwayML and your own imagery
    • Make a game that uses speech input and/or speech output, using p5.speech
    • Make an augmented mirror with Snap Lens Studio.
    • Create a series of generative artworks that you offer as NFTs on fx_hash.
    • Make a Twitter bot with Cheap Bots, Done Quick that publishes generative poetry every day.
    • Make a Chrome browser plugin that alters how people experience the web.

Phase II: Background Research • Due 4/13

Research creators who have made related projects, or other relevant media that you find inspirational. Additionally, research technologies and techniques which others have used to implement related ideas, or which you will need to use to create your project. In a blog post, write up your research about these inspirational projects and useful technologies, and include images as appropriate. Categorize your post with 08-FinalPhase2.

Phase III: Prototype • Due 4/20

Show your work! In a blog post, document what you’ve been up to so far. Categorize your post with 08-FinalPhase3.

  • If you’ve been working on a self-directed final project, post some screenshots or other documentation, and link to an online sketch if you’re able. (Don’t forget to add a sentence describing what your project is.)
  • If you’ve been working on tutorials (e.g. Unity), show a screenshot of what you’ve achieved so far, and link to the tutorials you’ve been following.
  • If you’ve been catching up on older assignments, provide links to the blog posts for that work.

Phase IV: Presentation • Due 4/27

Details TBA.

Phase V: Final Documentation • Due 5/4

Details TBA.