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When I was searching through YouTube couple years ago for a design technology assignment, I encountered an interactive project done by MIT Tangible Media Group and I was really drawn to it. According to the creators’ website, this project is named inFORM and what is interesting about this project is that this machine renders and displays 3-dimensional objects physically so that the viewers are able to interact with “digital information in a tangible way”. There are three main contributors to this project who came up with the concept – Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, and Hiroshi Ishii – along with many other engineers who contributed to the actual making of this program. However, the information on the duration of the project was not clearly mentioned in the website. As the project was conducted under a MIT owned institution, they would have most likely came up with their own system or software for the project but I am not entirely sure about this. Currently, this project is being developed for applications in geospatial data, urban planning, and architecture.

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