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3D printing in a new way

Voxel Chair is a unique 3D printed design made by Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Gilles Retsin in 2017. 3D printing was introduced several years ago and have had many successes in creating specific objects; however, Garcia and Retsin took it one step up and tried to create a more intricate software that would allow them to further improve 3D printing itself. I really admire that the two of them together were able to pool together ideas to make more functional items out from 3D printing. If 3D printing starts from the beginning to the end, the recreated model of the new 3D robotic printer starts from the ending then slowly moves back to the beginning. By changing up the manner then process worked and by using robotic 3D printing, the two were able to vary their level of how dense and how intricate they wanted their designs to be based on the part of the chair they were working.

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