For this Looking Outwards, I was inspired by this project called “Human After All,” created by a photographer, Jan Kriwol, and a digital artist, Markos Kay. This generative art piece showcased 3D renderings of virtual blood vessels with particle simulations. They stripped down the human body to just the essentials, and placed them in the context of everyday situations. This project aimed to battle social barriers, caused by race or gender, in various environmental contexts.

I really admire this project because of its creative collaboration of 2 mediums and because of the message the artists work to convey. I admire this project because it is completely new and not like anything I have seen before. Also, this combination of digital and real is extremely creative, and I aspire to create something one day that does the same. “Human After All” inspires me because the artists use such a creative way to demonstrate equality.

Link to full project here


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