Nayeon-Looking Outwards 02

Quayola is a visual artist based in London. He creates digital sculptures and installation arts that consist of unpredictable collisions.

“Iconographies #20” ‘Tiger Hunt’ after Rubens 2014

I love his work that he create algorithm to form various sculpt with combine old and new, real and artificial, time and space using delaunay triangulation algorithm. Delaunay triangulation which he uses to generate his work is new trend for modern arts and quite many modern artist use computer algorithm to investigate new way of using color and shapes. Here is a image of processing digital work out of classic art piece.

“Topologies” Immacolata Concezione 2010


I admire his work as he uses classic arts and old beauty into new born beauty. Top of that, he creates immersive audiovisual installation to intensify his work in exhibitions. He is not only digital media artist, but installation artist using audio and visual to create whole space surrounding the art. The matter of size in a space that he gives to audience have them shock and amaze. He said this is not just media, but the project bridge a communication between people and space.

“Captives” Sculpture Triptych 2013


Quayola web site

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