Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston
Project by: Nervous System

The Kinematic Petals Dress explores the “synergy between fashion and technology” by creating 3D printed clothing utilizing an algorithm that can be altered based on the wearer and designer. Individually customizable, the dress can be manipulated through a computer program that adjusts sizing through a 3D scan. The shape of the interlocking petals that create the material can also be tailored to the designer’s liking. When the design is complete, it is then sent to the 3D printer and the 1600+ unique pieces and 2600+ hinges are fabricated and the dress is complete.

I think it is a very unique approach to traditional attire. There are plenty of pros and cons to this design as although it can be completely devised through a computer program and printed instead of sewn like traditional clothing, however, shell structures can only move in one direction which has its limitations and prevents the 360 degrees of movement other fabric has. Another feature of the Kinematic Dress is its customizability as it is tailored for each customer based on their 3D scan. In addition, the pattern of the scales, shape of the scales, and the length of the dress can be altered. The algorithm created probably forms the base that the dress begins at when beginning the design process, with uniform scales over a standard body type. This could then be changed to the designers liking and the base form is still generally represented in the final design. It is amazing how innovative designers have become to arrive at the stage where it is feasible to design and print clothing from a computer.

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