hyt-03-Looking Outwards: Generative Cloud


Caption: Cumulus In Progression – by SOFTLab.

When I was browsing on the websites given by the professor, I came across project Cumulus on Behance created by SOFTLab. This is an interactive installation that enables the light, as well as geometric shapes to change in response to the sounds in its environment. However, the changes are not constant, but rather irregular based on a series of algorithms coded through Processing, which sets up “tubes” of lightning connecting from one end to another, hence creating a mysterious cloud-shaped sculpture. The “tube” materials consist of acrylic along with 3D printed joints, as well as over 70 meters of LED lights installed within the structure.

This project intrigued me as I enjoyed its interactivity engaging with the audience. Its futuristic shape in combination with a very nature-centered concept with lightning, cloud, and sounds can be confusing but eyeopening at the same time. On the other hand, its analytic aspect of breaking down the system of sounds also adds a technological meaning to the piece. I am curious to learn about how Processing helped to generate an art piece like this, and I am excited to try out the process as well! 


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