daphnel- Looking Outwards 04

The Mesa Musical Shadows is an interactive music playing device that allows people to create music through the use of their shadows. This device was created by Montreal’s Daily Tous Les Jours studio and is located in the north plaza at Mesa Arts Center in Arizona. This singing pavement has four different tracks that changes depending on the time of day–morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Additionally, 47 light sensors are controlled through 6 control nodes and speakers are carefully placed in areas where water could not reach them.

I admire the fact that the workers in the studio wanted to implement the voice of the community members and students who live in Arizona. Through surveys and feedback from those people, the studio bought prototypes to test out what products could most accurately reflect what the public wants. They not only focused on the aspect of people playing around with their shadows to generate music, they also tried to take into consideration the people sitting on the sides, who could also feel more relaxed and happy watching others formulate a joyful tune on the musical cement.

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