dayoungl – LookingOutwards 04

Camille Norment is an Oslo-based multimedia artist who works with sound, installation, sculpture, drawing, performance and video. For her piece, “Rapture”, she utilizes 12 voice chorus, glass armonica tones, and audio devices. According to the artist, ‘Rapture’ is a three-part project consisting of 1) a solo exhibition in the Nordic Pavilion, 2) a series of sonic performances unfolding from physical and referential elements within the installation, and 3), a three-part publication that explores the greater context of the investigation through a variety of essays relating sound to the body and society. Mainly, the artist explores the tension of constantly changing time and uncertainty of times. ‘Rapture’ uses vibrations (sound waves) for a phenomenological and socio-political reflection upon the body and mind’s relationship to trauma, ecstasy and the state of becoming. The body of the pavilion itself is subject to this experience, allowing visitors to witness, and enter within a body suspended in a state of excitation. Through this piece, visitors walk into a space of contrasting values: body of art in order and in chaos; art in harmony and in dissonance.

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