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I never completely understood what computer graphics was and how it could be applied to the fine arts. My whole life I thought that CGI (computer-generated imagery) only applied to generating the characters of famous blockbuster films, such as Avatar. I imagined everything else to be a product of built sets or live models and a green screen. However, after looking into more and more films, from Inception to I found that 3D computer graphics are much more extensive than simply creating the characters. I no longer hold that preconceived notion that computer graphics are solely confined to a specific industry.

The picture shown above is the end setting to Disney’s film, Maleficent. After reading multiple articles on CGI in films and watching videos of films’ production processes, I was in awe as I found that there were so many more uses for computer graphics in the film industry to create sets and images in place of actually physically constructing them. The most common software used in these types of films is called Autodesk 3dsmax. Otherwise, computer graphic designers tend to generate the algorithms themselves.

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