mjanco – Looking Outwards-05


I’ve chosen to look at this piece by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen. He is a physicist who creates 3D generative artworks using Structure Synth and Fragmentarium, both open source applications. This particular piece, “Algebraic Decay,” uploaded to Christensen’s profile on October 19, 2012, really captured my attention because of its stunning textures and colors. I see it as if it is a large floating landscape, but it also is just vague enough that it could be an image under a microscope. I love how the composition and textures play with the perspective, and make me wonder whether this 3D object is very large or very small. This piece is very complex, therefore it is hard for me to pinpoint what must have been required to produce this piece. However, they must have needed a soft, warm-toned light source, and perhaps Perlin Noise to create the soft, gently wavering textures. The artist does specify that the work was folded in Fragmentarium. The artist says he is interested in chemistry, physics, and complex systems. The texture, lighting, and vague background definitely give the impression that it is a specimen being examined under a light, which is where the artists’ fascination with scientific examination comes into play. The textures and colors also give the impression of an organic substance, which the artist also has interest in exploring.


Algebraic Decay




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