For this Looking Outwards, I decided to reflect on this piece:

It is called “One is the Loneliest Number” by Stefan Morrell. When it comes to 3D computer graphics, I usually gravitate towards CGI animations and short stories. However, just like what the post says, looking outwards is about searching for inspiration in new things.

I thought this piece was really inspiring because of the immense amount of detail the artist included in each piece of the graphic. If you zoom into the buildings, you can see that the artist rendered every single piece of it: from buttons, to panels, to gateways, to objects, etc. In addition, I really like the concept of this piece. It shows one lonely space craft in a humongous arena. When I looked at this piece, I immediately thought of the phrase: “small fish in a big pond.” I really like the contrast in size and sense of depth portrayed throughout this whole piece.

Lastly, the artist did not release any information on his process for this piece. However, I discovered that Stefan Morrell is an environmental artist from New Zealand and the bulk of his pieces have won awards for being extremely photo realistic 3d.

Find piece in better quality here

Link to Stefan Morrell’s full page of pieces here and here

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