Matthew Elrebacher Looking Outward-05

I am no Chuck Close

One piece of 3D art that I found to be very interesting was “I am no Chuck Close” by Patrick Gunderson. I find the piece to be strangely mesmerizing. It is obvious that it is supposed to be a face, but the disjointed appearance of the piece gives it a feeling of unease. A big part of this is how the eyes are obscured. I also feel that the green background gives me the impression that the face is lost in time. This is further enforced by the random crescent moon shapes put around the canvas. The algorithms used to create this were likely very complex. I assume he used a large amount of loop variables to create lines, as well as geometric shapes. It is also possible that he worked on this in a modeling program such as maya or blender.

Gunderson, Patrick. “I Am No Chuck Close.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 11 Mar. 2009,

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