ikrsek-Looking Outwards-06


The piece that I am choosing to write about for this week’s looking outwards is one which adheres to a more visual randomness, than randomness in regards to intention. The artist of this work is Casey Reas, and this work is an amalgamation of video, photography, and computation which results in seemingly randomized but stunning visual dissonance. Specifically his work in his semi-recent show of about a year, ULTRACONCENTRATED, seems to revel in visuals like these. The pieces however, are not just skin deep – they are meant to be representations of the body through media – each small rectangle a screen snatched from terrestrial television broadcasts. Reas created custom software to pickup on and distort/visualize the signals that flow through the air, and inherently through our bodies – signals which we use to communicate, share, and in doing so plays with our perception of technology and mass media.


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