Creator: Felix Turner

Title of Work: Noise Field

Year of Creation: 2011

Link to Project Work: https://airtightinteractive.com/demos/processing_js/noisefield08.html

Link to Artist Bio: https://www.airtightinteractive.com/about/


Noise Field is an interactive, mouse-based random activity program running on p5.js. As a function, Noise Field uses Perlin Noise — a gradient-based procedural algorithm that increases the believability of computer-generated animations –and noise parameters based on mouse movement and placement to generate colored ellipses from central points. With that being said, randomness is present as clicking produces a random set of parameters for the movement of the ellipses.

This work is influential in expanding my mindset towards the possibilities of using p5.js as a communicative medium — I’d like to eventually be able to apply Processing towards the creation of interactive web-based programs that use natural elements.

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