13/9/65 Nr. 2 (Hommage à Paul Klee) 

13/9/65 Nr. 2 (Hommage à Paul Klee) by Frieder Nake is said to be one of the most frequently cited earliest phase of computer art (mid-1960s). I admire how the work plays with the fine line of whether it was hand-crated or computer-generated, which makes the work engaging and intriguing. According to Programm-Information PI-21 where Nake describes the processes involved in generating this artwork, he lists all of the random elements of this work: width of horizontal bands, “buckling” of horizontal bands from left to right, vertical lines of triangles, size (radius) of the circles. It is also intriguing that this piece of work contains numerous variables that are randomized, yet because of the constancy of the general ‘rules’ (having bands of horizontal rules with an array of vertical bands periodically, etc.), the artwork maintains its intention and does not seem utterly random.

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Work | Frieder Nake. 13/9/65 Nr. 2 (Hommage à Paul Klee). 13. 09. 1965

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