By entering any word into the wordsearch, this website generates a random collage of icons related to the word. The arrangement of the icons are also random.

Pictooptic is a website that randomly generates icons and objects that relate to any searched or random word. The icons are then arranged in a mirror arrangement in which float into space. They can be dragged depending on the movement of the mouse. By clicking “shuffle this,” the arrangement changes into a random arrangements of color and organization. The site also includes a “random word” option where a random word is generated and new icons are brought about.

I like the spontaneity and whimsical nature of the generator. No two icons are the same and instead of a random cloud of icons, the arrangement is mirrored. In addition, the additional random color scheme adds to another surprising factor. I thought it was a creative way to generate a unique collage of items. The algorithms of the project would generate the random spatial arrangement and then have that arrangement mirrored across the canvas.


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