Robert Hodgin is a artist/coder. He does various type of work, ranging from 2D data visualizations and to immersive 3D simulations. His primary interests include theoretical physics, astronomy, particle engines, and audio visualizations. One fun fact, as a coder, he graduated from RISD with a degree in sculpture.

Hodgin visualizes&simulate data with code. For example, he visualizes fishes’ motion in the sea according to their speed, direction, etc. He visualizes lighting on earth according to data. He is very playful with his work: he gives the fish various shape. I found the playfulness delicate and interesting.

Hodgin’s lecture is very humorous. This actually grabbed my attention and made this 45min assignment engaging rather than tedious. He used metaphors(usually funny ones) to explain his work. For example, in explaining creative coding, he make a short video of painting intuitively until stopped by a bug in the code, with funny sound and visual effect. By doing this the audience would pay full attention to his lecture and easily understand.

This is the full lecture


This is another work by Hodgin I found amazing, “Fish Tornado”

Here is Hodgin’s website


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