For this week’s Looking Outwards, I looked at Caroline Record’s piece called She, created September 22, 2014. There is a mysterious, corporate looking woman singing and typing in sync with the rhythmic processes of a printer. Over the course of the piece, the printer prints 614 sentences in the novel Anna Karenina that start with the word, “she.” 

I love that this piece results in a growing mess on the floor, creating an organized, deliberate chaos. I also really like that Record kept some of this piece open-ended, because I love when pieces give room for a viewer’s interpretation. Record writes, “The viewer can decide whether she is the muse, subject or author of this collection of curated sentences.”

Caroline is an artist who uses code to create “artistic systems.” She describes her systems as “sensual” and “clever” and incorporate “extreme tactility with ephemeral, abstract logic.” Record received her BFA in Art and Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon, and then received her Masters in Human Computer Interaction at CMU as well. She has exhibited all over Pittsburgh, and currently works here as an independent artist, freelance consultant, as well as a professor at CMU.



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