gyueunp – Looking Outwards 11

Last week, I attended Jakob Marsico and Chris Carlson’s audiovisual performance titled Body Drift. The work involved video-driven animation and multi-channel sound that created a hypnotising and ethereal effect. I also enjoyed the master class that provided a backstage look at the technologies behind the work, and that is why I chose to discuss Chris Carlson’s “Borderlands Granular,” a new musical instrument for exploring and transforming sound with granular synthesis.

A video of “Borderlands Granular” :

The software allows the user to create musical improvisations and to interact with sonic material on a fundamental level. I also appreciate its fascinating visual aspects, and how it provides a sculptural and spatial approach to making music. It is a work I wish to experiment with in the future.

More works by Chris Carlson can be found here.

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