merlebac Looking Outward-11

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A piece of computer music that I found to be incredibly interesting was Playable Decagons / MaxMSP by Melissa Pons. The video shows a mouse clicking on a 3D decagon and playing sounds based on where the mouse clicked. I thought that this was an extremely creative way to create music. By the appearance of the setup it appearsthey tried to have the decagon imitate a piano. I find this amazing since I find playing the piano to be hard enough (in fact I can’t play at all), but to play it using an unlabeled polygon is another feat entirely. The code that they used was likely very complicated. I would assume that they mapped certain sounds to the surface of the decagon using if statements involving the mouse. While the project may not seem very creative it bears further examination. I feel that coming up with the idea to do this was incredibly creative, and is something that I wouldn’t come up with in a million years.

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