daphnel-Project 12-Proposal

I want to this game that involves having a ping pong like ball that shoots up and hits the blocks. The block locations will be randomly generated. The game will start off with the blocks all being the same color. Once the ball hits the block, the block should disappear. When all the blocks are hit, the game restarts with a new set of blocks, this time with one additional color. So for example, level one had grey blocks, but level two had grey and red blocks. The added color will need two hits to make the block disappear. When you hit the red block once, it should turn lighter in color to signify it has been hit before. I will try to make a legend somewhere containing the information on how many hits each color block needs for it to disappear. The ball should be able to bounce off from all corners of the walls except for the bottom border. The ping pong paddle is used to control where the ball goes. I am planning on making the blocks slowly move downwards using the seconds function when the game progresses a bit farther. Each normal one hit block is one point and two hit blocks are two points and so on. I have yet to fully decide on the colors but this is the general idea that I want for my game. I based this idea off of one of my favorite games when I was a kid, though I don’t remember the name of that game clearly.

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