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Mind & Matter 3
Mind & Matter 2
Mind & Matter 1
Slanted Magazine #15 Experimental

The first project that really inspired my final project is Mind and Matter by LIA, a software and net artist who creates abstract, generative images using code. Her designs have been used for apps, performance, sculpture, projections and graphic print. She is mostly interested in the relationship of machine as artist and artist as machine: viewing the interaction as both a dependence but also conversation. All of her work is beautiful and incredible.

Her project Mind and Matter is a typographical image of the phrase Mind & Matter that is spelled out by ellipses and lines but deteriorate and evolve into a more chaotic pattern. This was finalized as a 2D image for the daily Austrian newspaper diePresse: “Freiraum” and in Slanted Magazine #15 Experimental.


Mind and Matter





New York Times 1
New York Times 2
New York Times 3

The second artist who inspired my project is Kate Hollenbach – an artist and programmer who explores interactive systems and new technologies to redefine the relationships between body, gesture and physical space. I was mostly attracted to her New York Times piece where she deconstructed the text on the New York Times using a photocopier.

Although this piece was more a formal exercise and not much compared to her more newer, more sophisticated pieces, I was still mesmerized by the layering of text to build into larger letters and altering text so that it was manipulated around larger images. I also like the idea of hacking a photocopier to play with typography and layout.


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