looking outwards – 12 – keuchuka

My proposed project has to do randomness that generates relationships between lines, fills, and typography. The first project I was inspired by was Matthias Dörfelt’s Marcel’s Fountains. Simply, it is a series of Marcel Duchamp’s famous fountain, but the interesting part is that the slight variety computer generated. The work is simple but cute and calm to observe the subtle differences between each drawing. The subject selected for the drawing is also eye catching. I imagine the process is similar to the variable face project a while back. The work doesn’t have any interactivity, probably purposefully so, as it is presented with ink on paper.

Marcel’s Fountains – showing one drawing

Marcel’s Fountains – computer generated series of drawings

src: http://www.mokafolio.com/

Another piece I’m inspired by are posters by KAZUHIRO AIHARA or “SHUNTO-SHA”. Japanese graphic artists tend to create custom typeface for their work (Japanese typefaces are difficult to create and there aren’t many off the shelf), and his work exemplifies this point. There is a sense of randomness and flow of type between the lines and fills in his compositions. Again, his work is static and non interactive. For both of these, I think exploring interactivity and motion would be worthwhile.

Examples of Shunto’s work

src: http://shunto-sha.com/

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